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Writing progress

Word count: 8493 | Since last entry: 4353

As you can see from the word count above, I’ve been sticking to my resolution of at least 1000 words per day on weekdays, 100 words per day on weekends and travel days. But it’s been hard. This project is set in a historical period that requires a different voice from my usual, and I sometimes have to look up two or three words per sentence. That slows me down, which means that to get my 1000 words in I have to work for three or four hours, and I’ve often been sacrificing sleep to do it. I hope that as I settle into the voice and become more comfortable with the vocabulary it will go faster. But right now I am very tired.

At the moment we are off to sunny Mexico for a few days. I will keep writing every day — in fact, I anticipate I’ll get a lot done on the plane today — but I’m not going to worry about word count until we return.