Great review for Second Chance, Daily SF Kickstarter, and mad science reprint sale

SF Signal has posted the first review of the BVC edition of Second Chance, and it’s a doozy!

An evocative, emotional, character-focused novella with enough crunch to satisfy space travel SF grognards … has, in resonance with its title, a second chance to engage with readers in an ebook format from Book View Cafe … I highly enjoyed Second Chance. If I had been aware of the story in 2010, I would certainly have given it a Hugo award nomination at the time. Second Chance does deserve a second chance for readers, and I recommend it to any and all short-fiction genre readers.

Read the whole thing for even more embarrassingly effusive praise.

In other news, Daily Science Fiction has, for some years now, been paying pro rates and sending out a story every day for free. How can they keep this up, you may ask? Well, they’re having a
Kickstarter to fund payments to authors for the next six months. It’s a worthy cause, and if you pledge $100 or more you can get a short story critique from me (I’m tough, but fair).

Finally, my story “One Night in O’Shaughnessy’s Bar” will be reprinted in an anthology titled Mad Science Café, coming soon from Book View Café.

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