Can you identify this song?

Ever since the surgery, Kate has been troubled by a never-ending persistent earworm on a short loop. We are now trying to identify the song, in hopes that hearing the whole thing might help to break the cycle.

It’s a pop song from maybe 5-8 years ago. It has two male vocalists. One is singing, or perhaps chanting, in English; the other is singing, or perhaps chanting, in a “whiny kind of wail” in some indigenous language. The indigenous guy is, she thinks, some kind of sample or anthropological recording and there might have been some kind of controversy a while ago about the rights to it. The song is fairly upbeat in meter and tone.

The name of the song might perhaps be something like “Nirvana” or “Nihata.”

Any guesses?

EDIT: A suggestion on LiveJournal by user “crazysoph” was not quite correct, but it was close enough for me to come up with the tune… though not a title. However, a Google search for “song indian ay yay yai ya hai ya yai” led to a question on Yahoo Answers which led to the answer: it is “Return to Innocence” by Enigma ( Thanks, all, for your suggestions!

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