Eligible works

If you are a SFWA member, today is the deadline to nominate for the Nebula Awards. If you are a member of the current Worldcon (MidAmeriCon II), the previous Worldcon (Sasquan), or the next Worldcon (Worldcon 75 in Helsinki), you can nominate for the Hugo Awards through March 31. I’ve just been reminded that I have been remiss in posting my eligible works for awards this year.

As you may know, I’ve been busy working on the sequel to Arabella of Mars and haven’t been writing many short stories lately. Nonetheless, I published three new short stories in 2015:

Of these, I am most proud of “Damage” — in fact, I think it’s the best short story I’ve written in years. If you read it and agree that it’s award-worthy, I hope you’ll consider giving it a place on your award nominating ballots.

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