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Announcing The Release Of Arabella the Traitor of Mars!

My third novel, Arabella the Traitor of Mars, the conclusion to the trilogy that began with the Andre Norton Award winning Arabella of Mars, comes out next week! The official release date is July 31. You can buy it from Powell's, University Book Store, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Your Local Independent Book Store, or Amazon.

Is there an ebook? An audiobook?

The ebook and audiobook of Arabella the Traitor of Mars should release simultaneously with the hardback, from all the major ebook vendors, without DRM.

You can hear an excerpt of the audiobook here. It's narrated by the brilliant Barrie Kreinik, same as the previous two volumes. I haven't seen a preorder page for the audiobook yet, but it should appear soon. 

The previous volume, Arabella and the Battle of Venus, was recently released in trade paperback and is still available in hardback and all other formats. The hardback of Arabella of Mars is sold out in many places but the mass market paperback is still widely available, as are the ebook and audiobook.

Are you planning a book tour?

Not as such. But I will be appearing at the following events in the next few months:

And there might be even more! Check my Upcoming Appearances page for updates.

If any of these events is local to you, please come if you can. At the Powell's and University Bookstore readings next week I'll be appearing in costume and singing a new Hamilton-based song!

What's the book about?

From the publisher: Hail the conquering heroes! The tyrant, Napoleon, has been defeated with Arabella and the crew of the Diana leading the final charge. But, victory has come at a tremendous cost. Britain’s savior, Lord Nelson, has not survived the final battle and the good people of the Diana must now return to London as both heroes and pallbearers.

At last husband and wife, Arabella and Captain Singh seem to have earned the attention of great men, ones who have new uses in mind for the Mars Company captain and his young wife. Both Company and Crown have decided that it is time to bring Mars into the folds of Empire, and they think Singh is the perfect man to do it.

Now, Arabella must decide between staying loyal to the man she loves and the country of her father or betraying all that she has known to fight alongside the Martians in a hopeless resistance against the Galaxy’s last remaining superpower.

What can I do to help?

You should buy the book, of course. Buying it on the release date is helpful but not necessary. If you can't buy it, borrow it from the library. If you can't find it at your local library or bookseller, ask them to carry the book. Also, it's extremely helpful if you post a review on Goodreads, Amazon, your own blog, or anywhere else people might see it. It's okay if you don't like the book! Even a negative review can be helpful if you say why you didn't like it. (Reviewer: "I hated this book! It has Martians and airships and girls dressing as boys! Yuck!" Reader: "Cool, that's just what I love!") And please mention the book to your friends online and off. 

Where should I buy the book? Is paper better than ebook?

Wherever and in whatever format you like to buy books. I get the same money wherever you buy it, and I don't care whether you read it on paper or on screen. There are benefits to me if you buy it on Amazon, but personally I'd prefer it if you would support your local independent book store. Or you could get it from Powell's, which is my local independent book store. You can even order a signed edition from Powell's, which I will sign for you at my reading on August 1.

Is this the last book for Arabella and her universe?

It is, for now. I've been working in this universe almost exclusively for almost six years now and I think Arabella has done more than enough damage to her timeline—both of us deserve a rest.

Since finishing Arabella the Traitor of Mars I have written an unrelated novella, a Wild Cards story, and a few other small projects, and I'm noodling on a new, completely unrelated novel which may or may not turn into a series. But right now, as you can see from my rather crowded travel schedule above, I'm spending more time on being an Author than being a writer. I hope to change that balance in the next few months.

Thank you all for your support! I hope to see you somewhere in the next few months, and if not in person there's always social media.