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In September, I am inescapable

Puny humans! Quake in fear, for in the month of September you will not be able to avoid me!

On Sep 4, 2018 in Portland, Oregon I will join Wendy Wagner in conversation at the Willamette Writers meeting.

On Sep 6, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois I will appear at the Deep Dish reading series along with Mary Robinette Kowal, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Chris Bauer, Cathy Crocco, Steve Silver, Allison Manley, and host Niala Boodhoo.

On Sep 8-9, 2018 I return to Portland, Oregon (what, did you believe that old saw about David never striking twice in the same place?) for Rose City Comic Con, at which I will be cosplaying as The Rocketeer and appearing on the panel Science Does Not Work That Way, Good Night, Volume 2!.

On Sep 16, 2018 I’ll appear in San Francisco, California at the SF in SF reading series, along with Sheila Finch and possibly one other reader.

And then, even if your city has escaped my personal devastation, on Sep 30, 2018 I will be doing a Read for Pixels Google Hangout online, which means everywhere!

But even if you hide in the cellar, cut off your Internet, and move to the East Coast, you still won’t be safe! In October and November I will be coming to Montréal, Baltimore, and more Baltimore before returning to Portland.

None shall escape! Bwah hah hah hah hah!