Kuiper Belt Job audiobook countdown 3: Sneha Mathan

Counting down to the June 18 release of the audiobook of my space opera heist novel THE KUIPER BELT JOB from PODIUM ENTERTAINMENT (@podiumentertainment) by giving you some information on the FIVE amazing voice artists they will be using for the different point-of-view characters! Continuing with number 3: SNEHA MATHAN!

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Sneha Mathan is a voice actor and audiobook narrator. Her audiobook work has received several Earphones awards, and she is a three-time Audie Award finalist. She lives in Seattle.

Sneha reads the character SHWETA, THE GRIFTER… although she prefers the term “negotiator.” She looks like your auntie and you trust her implicitly, but she is, in fact, a master deceiver who can sell you your own helmet and make you think you got a deal. Don’t turn your back on her.

The Kuiper Belt Job: http://daviddlevine.com/kuiper
Podium Entertainment: https://podiumentertainment.com
Preorder the audiobook: https://podiumentertainment.com/titles/28122/the-kuiper-belt-job
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