Kuiper Belt Job audiobook countdown 4: Si Chen

Counting down to the June 18 release of the audiobook of my space opera heist novel THE KUIPER BELT JOB from PODIUM ENTERTAINMENT (@podiumentertainment) by giving you some information on the FIVE amazing voice artists they will be using for the different point-of-view characters! Continuing with number 4: SI CHEN!

Si Chen and Tai

Si’s voice is commonly described as soothing, intimate, playful, and coy, perfect for YA, mysteries, and romance. Si’s soothing voice will deliver your non-fiction from the desks of expert authors to the layperson listener with ease and finesse.

Their subject matter expertise spans classical music (violin and viola), scientific research (genetics, neuroscience, AI, robotics, software engineering, technology policy), and social justice (Asian American diaspora, queer, immigrant, and feminist issues).

Outside of audiobooks, Si is also a stage and film actor, appearing in Marvel shows such as She-Hulk and the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday special, recurring in Wolf Pack, and on the Off-Broadway production of Gumiho.

In their free time, Si is a (surprisingly competent) plant parent, enthusiastic cook, and proud owner of a dog who valiantly guards the VO booth by falling asleep in front of the door and trapping Si inside.

Si reads the character TAI, THE HACKER. They are nonbinary, proud of their curves, and omnisexual. They are vain, self-assured to a fault, and very very good at their job. In their spare time they are a DJ and sound engineer.

Si Chen: https://sichen.info IG: @si.jpg
The Kuiper Belt Job: http://daviddlevine.com/kuiper
Podium Entertainment: https://podiumentertainment.com
Preorder the audiobook: https://podiumentertainment.com/titles/28122/the-kuiper-belt-job
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