Kuiper Belt Job audiobook countdown 5: Christa Lewis

Counting down to the June 18 release of the audiobook of my space opera heist novel THE KUIPER BELT JOB from PODIUM ENTERTAINMENT (@podiumentertainment) by giving you some information on the FIVE amazing voice artists they will be using for the different point-of-view characters! Starting with number 5: CHRISTA LEWIS!

Christa Lewis and Alicia

Christa Lewis and her pseudonym Pippa Jayne have narrated approx. 300 audiobooks between them. Christa is a conservatory-trained actor with a smart and funny vibe who can also meet the moment in non-fiction thanks to a 17-year stint as newsreader, an appearance in Call of Duty Black Ops 3 as Sophia, the murderously lovelorn Robot and 5 years as the lead in the podcast The Hotel. Think Catherine O’Hara meets Jenna Ortega. Christa speaks accent-free German fluently and offers a variety of accents and dialects. Magically, there have been 8 Audio File Earphones Awards in Non-Fiction/Biography & Memoir, YA, and Fiction—as well as a SOVAS Voice Arts Award, a Sultry Listeners Award, a Listeners Choice Award and two Audie nominations. Both Christa and Pippa pull out all the stops to create an audiobook unique to their author’s cadence, tone and style – with a lot of love, joy and delight thrown into the mix.

Christa reads the character ALICIA, THE THIEF. There’s no lock she can’t pick, no wall she can’t scale, no tiny opening she can’t shimmy through. She’s warm and caring, everyone’s friend, and hates it when people don’t get along.

Christa Lewis: https://www.christalewis.com IG: @liquidbelles

The Kuiper Belt Job: http://daviddlevine.com/kuiper
Podium Entertainment: https://podiumentertainment.com
Preorder the audiobook: https://podiumentertainment.com/titles/28122/the-kuiper-belt-job
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