SFWA Pacific Northwest Reading Series: Seattle area Jan. 29, Portland Jan. 30

This is just a quick reminder that SFWA’s Pacific Northwest Reading Series is having its next events in two weeks!

On Tuesday, in the Seattle area, local favorite Cat Rambo will be accompanied by Portland writers Felicity Shoulders and Grá Linnaea. The University Bookstore will be on hand again selling books and all the authors will be available to sign.

When: Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Where: Wilde Rover Irish Pub and Restaurant, 111 Central Way, Kirkland, WA 98033

On Wednesday, in Portland, we’ll have multiple award winner James Patrick Kelly (all the way from Maine!), also accompanied by Felicity Shoulders and Grá Linnaea. Wrigley-Cross Books will be selling books and all the authors will be available to sign.

When: Wednesday, January 30, 2013, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Where: McMenamins Kennedy School, 5736 N.E. 33rd Ave. Portland, OR 97211

Both events are free and open to the public.

I hope you can join us! It should be a lot of fun.

See for more information and to RSVP (not required, but encouraged).

David’s 2012 publications

Here’s what I published last year, for reference and for your awards consideration. Click on a story title to read it or hear it online. Click on a publication name to buy it. Enjoy!

Original fiction


Telling Tales, Locus reviews, Portland Comic Con

A collection of brief news updates:

  • My story “I Hold My Father’s Paws” will be reprinted in Telling Tales, a Clarion West fundraising anthology edited by Ellen Datlow.
  • In the January Locus, Gardner Dozois calls “Last Days of the Kelly Gang” “among the best in the book” and Rich Horton calls “Liaisons Galantes” “a slight but quite enjoyable piece.”
  • Also from Locus, online short fiction reviewer Lois Tilton calls “Liaisons Galantes” “interesting” and “quite charming.”
  • I will be appearing on a panel, with Erik Wecks, William Hertling, and Daniel (Robopocalypse) Wilson, at the Portland Comic Con (Feb 22-24 at the Oregon Convention Center).

That’s all for now. Watch for some bigger, more exciting news from me in the next couple of weeks!

Potlatch writer’s workshop critique deadline extended to 1/10

As you may know, Potlatch is being held this year in conjunction with Foolscap, February 1-3, 2013 at the Redmond Marriott Town Center. As is traditional for both conventions, we’ll be having a writer’s workshop, and the deadline to submit manuscripts for critique has just been extended to January 10. The deadline to sign up for the interactive writing seminars remains January 25. See for information.


With LiveJournal’s recent issues, lots of people are talking about moving to Dreamwidth.

I have been posting all of my content at DW as well as LJ (as well as my own blog at for some years now, though I’m still using LJ as my main blog-reading interface. I don’t anticipate this will change soon, but as I’m a belt-and-suspenders kind of guy I have just gone over to Dreamwidth and friended everyone who’s on my LiveJournal friendslist.

If your username on Dreamwidth is different from (i.e. not character-by-character identical to) your username on LiveJournal, please comment here or otherwise notify me of your Dreamwidth username if you’d like to keep in touch there.

Ask a Geek

I’m considering an irregular series of blog posts about technology, science, and science fiction. If you have any questions on these topics that you’d like to see me address, please post them as comments here. Thanks!

David’s Index for 2012

Novel words written: 48,267
Short fiction words written: 20,646
Notes, outline, and synopsis words written: 11,071
Blog words written: 40,041
Total words written: 120,025

New stories written: 3

Short fiction submissions sent: 24
Responses received: 19
Rejections: 13
Acceptances: 5 (all pro)
Other responses: 1 (rewrite request)
Other sales: 10 (5 reprint, 3 audio, 2 translations)
Non-responses: 1 (gave up after 1036 days)
Awaiting response: 3

Short stories published: 13 (3 pro, 6 reprint, 2 translation, 2 audio)

Novel submissions: 2
Rejections: 1
Acceptances: 0
Awaiting response: 5

Agent submissions: 10
Rejections: 8
Acceptances: 0
Awaiting response: 3

Happy New Year!

Another sale to Galaktika

When Hungarian magazine Galaktika paid me for the two stories they’d published previously, they also said “I would like to purchase a third one in advance to restore your faith in our good will.” So here’s another Hungarian translation sale: “Nucleon.” And that’s my last sale for the year, I think.

Travel meme

Here’s a summary of the nights I spent away from home in 2012:

Guadalajara, Mexico (4)
Lake Quinault, WA (4)
Walnut Creek, CA (4)
Venice, Italy (5)
Bologna, Italy (2)
Vienna, Austria (5)
Znojmo, Czech Republic (1)
Jindřichův Hradec, Czech Republic (2)
České Budějovice, Czech Republic (2)
Prague, Czech Republic (5)
Dresden, Germany (2)
Berlin, Germany (6)
Madison, WI (7)
Vancouver, BC (7)
San Jose, CA (1)
Snoqualmie, WA (2)
Portland, OR (3)
Ashland, OR (4)
Chicago, IL (6)
Milwaukee, WI (2)
Denver, CO (4)
Chattanooga, TN (6)
Toronto, ON (5)

Plus 12 trips to Seattle to visit with Janna and other friends, for a total of 116 nights away from home.