12/22/03: A Hell of a week

Word count: 45058 | Since last entry: 962 | This month: 3943 It’s been a rough week of no writing since the last entry. I was mildly sick for a couple of days — just a sore throat, but it really sapped my energy. At work I have been desperately busy, with a couple of major projects due by the end of the year. Spare time has been taken up with holiday shopping, decorating, and parties (which were fun, but do interfere with writing). And then I got a skin infection on my foot that required antibiotics, and then I got a reaction to the antibiotic. So now I’m achy and itchy and tired and crabby. But I made myself write tonight, and produced about a thousand words, for a total of over 2000 on the story. With luck I will still finish it by this weekend. Although at this point it would take a miracle to get this and a novel chapter done by the next crit group meeting. Still don’t know exactly how the story turns out, though a minor character has appeared from nowhere (he took so many lines I just had to give him a name, and now he has a personality and everything). This gives me some hope that the missing plot twist could appear in the same way. Whatever. I haul my poor infected body to bed now.

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