12/9/03: Off to the editor

Word count: 45058 | Since last entry: -64 | This month: 1868 Edited the Jupiter story, now titled “Interview with the Photographer”, and emailed it off to the editor. Despite previous statements to the effect that I could cut it massively, I wound up trimming just 64 words all told. It’s just the length it is, I guess. (I’m giving myself a silver star for the -64 words.) As I have already mentioned several times, this story is probably too long and too late for its intended market (even though I skipped the critique to get it in a week or two earlier), but I decided it was worth sending anyway. If it comes back, I will have it critiqued and then try Analog. When I went to record the submission in my tracking spreadsheet, I realized that the upcoming anthology deadlines of 2/1 and 3/1 are not really “in February” and “in March” respectively, they should really be considered “end of January” and “end of February” — much closer. The end of January is just 7 weeks away, ack! I may have to put the novel on hold for a whle, rather than alternating chapters and short stories as I’d planned. And the zeppelin story will probably not happen at all, unless I can squeeze it out in an enthusiastic weekend. On the other hand, I did do the Jupiter story, start to finish, in 19 days. Go me. I like being productive! For now, to bed.

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