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3/2/04: Slogging on

Word count: 58880 | Since last entry: 424 | This month: 1833 I have decided to try to write at least something every day this month. I had hoped to make a thousand words tonight, but a little is better than nothing. Tonight’s writing was a real slog. I spent nearly an hour on one paragraph, trying to describe Clarity’s relationship with Chris while they were both going out with Jason — hard enough by itself, but I was also trying to avoid using the word “relationship” more than once. I finally gave up and used it twice, and “share” twice as well. Those 400 words were almost all interior monologue, as Clarity flies her father’s aircraft to Seattle and broods about what she’ll find there. I’m worried about lack of action, but I have an action scene planned for when she arrives… For now, to bed.