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3/8/04: Harder the second time around

Word count: 64257 | Since last entry: 278 | This month: 7210 I’m finding it much harder to write the first chapter the second time around. The first time, the whole thing was as new to me as it was to the readers. I had a general idea of the world, but I was creating many of the details as I wrote about them for the first time. But now I know too much, and I remember all the critiques I’ve received in which it’s clear that (some) readers don’t understand (some aspects of) the world I’m trying to create. So I find myself cramming in every missing detail, where in the first draft I was able to create a great atmosphere of mystery and raise a lot of questions. So I didn’t write much today, and I think I may scrap it all tomorrow. But, as the mouse said to the elephant, I’ve been sick. With luck I’ll be better soon. Maybe then I can write more effectively.