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9/10/04: Finished and printed

Word count: 93678 | Since last entry: 43 | This month: 2628 Just a little bit of clean-up on the chapter today, but I got it formatted for critique and printed out, and I wrote the synopsis of the previous chapter (not counted as novel words) and printed that too. Then I critiqued one of two stories; one more crit to do and then I’m all set for tomorrow’s critique session. I heard back from Dean: I am definitely on for the January novel workshop. So now I must finish my novel by the first week in December. That means going a little faster than I have been managing — 4 chapters and an epilogue in 12 weeks. I can do this. If I can go even faster than that I can do some revisions, too. So I will dive right in on the next chapter right away! (Yes, I’ve said this before, but now I have a deadline!) I have photos from Noreascon and the kitchen remodel that I haven’t gotten out of my camera’s memory yet. Until then you can look at James Patrick Kelly’s page for photos of me and some other “young turks.” (I take no responsibility for any nightmares resulting from looking at the picture of me halfway down the page.)