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9/14/04: Blue funk

Word count: 94045 | Since last entry: 367 | This month: 2995 No prose written in the last few days, but I did write 367 words of detailed outline in Chapter H tonight. Over the weekend I did many productive things, including buying a new watch (temporary replacement for the one whose strap broke, with new strap on order), a new Swiss Army knife (replacement for the one I lost at Security on the way to the Worldcon, grr), and light fixtures and cabinet knobs for the new kitchen (though we need to take one of the light fixtures back and get a different one), and test-drove a new car. We’ll be taking delivery of that on Thursday (I love working with an auto broker). Getting all that done was satisfying, but also in the last couple of days I received two rejections — 202 days from Ideomancer and 186 days from Brutarian — and saw portents and signs that a Blue-Form-of-Death is on its way from Realms of Fantasy after 224 days. For some reason, perhaps because they took so long and then arrived so close on the heels of my Hugo and Campbell losses, these rejections hit me really hard and I spent the entirety of Monday afternoon and evening in a blue funk. Definitely not in a writing frame of mind. So I cheered myself up by setting up a LiveJournal for the lovely and charming kateyule. She’s going to be blogging about the kitchen remodel. Have you ever stayed at one of those “suites” hotels where you have two rooms and your own little fridge and microwave? It’s nice to be able to have breakfast and lunch in the room, but it’s kind of crowded, and it’s awkward to do any real cooking without proper utensils and stuff, so you eat most of your dinners out. Having your kitchen done feels a lot like that. It’s like we’re on vacation — or maybe traveling on business is more like it — right here in our own home town.