3/2/05: Well begun is half done

Editing hours: 1.0 | Since last entry: 1.0 | Percent complete: 7% Tonight I printed out the unicorn story and stuck it in an envelope, watched Lost (Hurley rocks!), and updated my website with the excellent Locus review of “Tk’Tk’Tk” — and still got in an hour of editing. And so NaNoEdMo gets under way! Most of tonight’s work was new text, moving Clarity from the Manhattan Platform toward the UN. To make it more difficult for her I decided to make it rain. Hard. This involved adding rain to the Jason chapter, later in the book, that takes place on the same day. Which made me realize that I have to coordinate the two chapters hour by hour. I wound up writing a detailed timeline of the day, and changing the times of some of Jason’s events to make it all work. Fortunately, this is the only day in the whole novel that has to coordinate this tightly. The “percent complete” figure above represents the fact that I am currently editing page 15 of 221. There’s a certain amount of hopping back and forth, but I plan on going through the novel in order and on any given day there’s going to be a focus, or locus, of editing, so I hope that tracking the position of this locus through the book will be some kind of indicator of progress. We’ll see if this idea actually holds water.

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