3/3/05: Packed for Potlatch

Editing hours: 2.4 | Since last entry: 1.4 | Percent complete: 7% I have picked up two NaNoEdMo buddies, pollyc and deedop. Much appreciated, and there’s always room for more. Packed for Potlatch, SF convention in San Francisco, tonight. Also continued the new scene with Clarity moving toward the UN… about 500 new words. But it’s the hours that count this month, not the words. Clarity must not whine. Must not whine. Must not whine. And neither will I. I will edit on the plane tomorrow, I will edit on the plane coming back, and I will steal an hour or two for editing each day during the convention as well. This is my NaNoEdMo pledge, and if you are going to be at Potlatch I’d appreciate it if you’d hold me to it.

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