7/19/05: Worldcon programming schedule

Okay, here’s where I’ll be when at the Worldcon. I would really really really appreciate it if you would show up at my reading on Thursday at 5pm. I can promise you a good show. Thursday 5:00pm – Reading (0.5 hrs) Friday 3:30pm – Kaffeeklatsch (1.5 hrs) Friday 5:00pm – A Matter of Faith: How SF Television Treats Religion

The panel discusses how religion and spirituality is treated in science fiction television. Has it evolved since the original Star Trek?

Friday 7:00pm – Challenges For New Writers

Interruptions, interruptions, interruptions — how can new writers stay focussed? Are websites, blogs, and newsgroups helping or hindering new writers? What about writers workshops? When do you know you’re established and no longer new?

Saturday 2:00pm – Military vs. Civil Authority: Do You Trust Adama or Roslyn? (1.5 hrs)

The conflict between military and civilian authority can be seen in the world around us, and sometimes it is portrayed in SF. The panel examines this conflict, a key element in the new Battlestar Galactica.

Sunday 11:00am – Is Lost SF or Paranoid Realism?

(Warning: spoilers) Is Lost speculative or just a paranoid delusion? Is it truth or fantasy? What about Hurley, Locke, Walt and Claire?

Monday 11:00am – The Future of Malware

Viruses continue to proliferate and most email traffic is spam. Where are we going — and is it anywhere other than down? Are phishing and similar scams mind-hacks?

Monday 2:00pm – Fan Room Closing Ceremony

We summarise the entire convention for you, using the medium of interpretive dance. And we give out the Fan Room awards!

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