7/31/05: Unhappy feet

Two days until we leave for Scotland. I just got word that the Aeon Award ceremony will be in the Dalmore Room of the Hilton Hotel at 9pm on Friday the 5th. Hope to see some of you there. I’m started to get nervous/excited about the award. I believe I have a good shot at it, but there are five other shortlisted stories that are equally worthy. Another thing that has me nervous, though not at all excited, is that I have an infected toe… again. I’ve had this problem two or three times before (same toe each time). The cause might be a bacterium or it might be a fungus, but whatever the reason it’s red and swollen and itchy and painful and it keeps me from sleeping and walking properly — not what I want going into either the Worldcon or touristing around the UK. I’m taking prescription drugs for it, but I’m not yet convinced it’s getting better. I’m not going to let this toe stop me from going to the Worldcon, but it’s almost certainly going to slow me down. I hope it gets better soon :-(

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