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2/24/06: Well, shit.

After ten months, three blurbs, two proposals, and an extensive rewrite, my novel was turned down by Tor. “It is with extreme regret that I write to report that I have been unsuccessful in securing approval to proceed with the acquisition of REMEMBRANCE DAY. I still believe in this book and in David’s potential, and it pains me to finally have found an SF novel I really wanted to buy, and an SF writer I really wanted to work with, and not to be allowed to do so. I’m sure my disappointment is exceeded only by your own.” Damn. Well, there are other publishers, and I do have an agent. But still. Damn. Now I get to go off to Potlatch and share the happy news with all my friends.

2/23/06: Briefly…

Word count: 9023 | Since last entry: 520 Loverly birthday dinner at Caprial’s Bistro (home of Portland’s celebrity chefs Caprial and John Pence) with Kate’s parents; my parents sent a cool T-shirt from with the letter pi made of over 4400 digits of its value. Work continues very very busy. Writing keeps slogging along — word count above is a bit lower than usual because yesterday’s writing progress consisted entirely of putting a story that was just rejected by Interzone in the mail to Black Gate. Now must go and pack, heading for Potlatch bright and early tomorrow morning. Oh, one other very minor announcement: my story “Tk’Tk’Tk” from the March Asimov’s has gotten a couple of mentions in the Emerald City Hugo recommendation list for 2005. Thanks to those who have recommended it! And to the rest of you: if you would like to read the story for award consideration purposes (Hugo, Nebula, Locus, Nobel, whatever), just drop me an email at d levine at spirit one dot com (after removing all spaces and making the obvious punctuation conversions in the address, of course).