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6/26/06: Cut, cut, cut!

Word count: 7760 | Since last entry: -1170

No writing this weekend, as we were busy playing host to Kate’s sister and three of her kids. We went to the zoo. I’m exhausted.

Tonight I hacked out the entire second performance, which had some nice descriptive passages but didn’t advance the plot, and several paragraphs of atmosphere, along with general trimming here and there. Then I went back and replaced some of the best sentences I’d cut, slotting them in in place of similar sentences not quite as good that happened to be in scenes that remained. It’s still a bit long for a short story, but a lot more plausible. I can perhaps find a way to trim the remaining 200 words or so if necessary.

I’m sending it off to a few key first readers (including a couple of New Orleanians) tonight.