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6/18/06: You say it’s your birthday

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No writing today, and only a little yesterday, but it was a good weekend anyway: we went to the Pride festival, saw singer/songwriter Jill Sobule, and hosted a party on the occasion of Paul McCartney’s 64th birthday. We were a little concerned that not enough people would show, but in the end it was a nice little dinner party and everyone had a great time and lots of good food.

As part of the party, we held a Beatles Lyrics Scavenger Hunt. Various objects scattered about the house represented Beatles lyrics; the challenge for our guests was to find and identify them. This proved to be much harder than we’d anticipated it would be; only a couple people found more than one. (Though some people found several we hadn’t planted deliberately, and they got full credit for those.)

For those playing along at home, we’ve made it a little easier by pointing out which objects are the actual scavenger hunt items. Your challenge is just to figure out what Beatles lyrics they represent. (Hover your mouse over a picture to see the answer.)

Baby's in black Lucy in the sky with diamonds (He wears) no shoeshine Yesterday Eight days a week Face in a jar by the door Cellophane flowers of yellow and green Back in the USSR Marshmallow pie Billy shears Pictures of Chairman Mao Maxwell's silver hammer Knit a sweater by the fireside Valentine, birthday greetings, bottle of wine