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6/11/06: A productive day

Word count: 3972 | Since last entry: 924

Today I did a lot of dishes. They’d really gotten out of hand. I finally pooped out without finishing them all, but I made a big dent. Also did grocery shopping. This week’s dinners will not be nearly as ambitious as last week’s.

In the evening, we saw a play at Artists’ Rep: Theatre District, written by Richard Kramer (creator of thirtysomething and My So-Called Life). Uproariously funny and moving by turns. I found the characters incredibly well drawn and the situation, though sometimes a bit confusing, was true-to-life. For dinner we had the spinach tacos I mentioned earlier, which were pretty good but I thought there wasn’t enough to them (but I am still trying to lose the weight I put on at Wiscon, so that might not be a bad thing).

I worked on my story at several different times during the day, adding a ghost at the end of day 1, a long conversation at the beginnning of day 2 in which the protagonist considers packing it in and also begins to realize that something supernatural might be happening, and an Authors’ Note explaining that “this story is fiction, but it climbs a trellis of fact.”

I’m going to have to work harder as I continue to write about day 2, because I discovered that my source material only gives about half a paragraph to what happened on that day. Fortunately, I found another journal of the tour posted on the web, but I need to keep reminding myself that I don’t have permission to use those words so I’ll have to read, digest, and regurgitate the events in my own words. I’m also working from a book called The Great Deluge which, by complete coincidence, Kate is reading right now. God, what a mess. I’m glad we don’t have hurricanes around here (just earthquakes and volcanoes…).