9/24/06: Back from Foolscap

Word count: 1494 | Since last entry: 268

Foolscap was a small, pleasant convention, and we had a nice time talking with Jay Lake, Dave Howell, Kate’s sister Sue, Sue Mohn, Hal and Ulrika O’Brien, Amy Thomson and Edd Vick, and artist/author guest of honor Mark Ferrari. But, as has often been the case, it felt a little underpopulated… just not quite enough people for critical convention mass. Many Seattle fans were missed (although I’m sure they all had good reasons not to be there). Also, the last panel I was on, which concerned “why do so few science fiction characters go to church or have any religion at all?” was fairly stressful both because of its touchy subject matter and because of some argument over what the exact topic of the panel should be, so my convention ended on a slightly sour note. But many people congratulated me on the Hugo win and we had some fine meals.

In addition to the 268 words above on the work in progress, also participated in an exercise where I wrote a 700-word scene based on an artwork. I might finish that up into a whole story, I might not. Not right now, anyway. I have too many excuses not to start on novel #2 already.

Came home to find the first post-Hugo rejection, from Asimov’s as it happens. That’s okay, now I can send them the Jupiter story.

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