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1/1/07: Happy new year

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Went to a spy-themed New Year’s Eve party (in honor of the year ‘007), then our usual New Year’s Day brunch at the home of local fans Marc and Patty. This is the twenty-second anniversary of the day we met, at Marc and Patty’s brunch on the first day of 1985. I always say I found Kate under the Christmas tree. We didn’t spend a weekend apart for months.

Twenty-two years. How the hell did that happen?

I’m just overwhelmed with my good fortune. I mean, so many good things have happened this year that if half of them hadn’t occurred I’d still be amazed at my good luck. And when I see how many of my friends are having health, financial, and/or emotional crises it’s all the more humbling. I can’t imagine how 2007 could be any better, except if I can find a way to spread the luck around a little more evenly.

I’ve brought my heroine’s section of chapter 2 to a temporary resolution. Next I’ll either spin up the next crisis, to leave her teetering on a cliff before the point of view switch, or leave her in peace (momentary, only momentary) while I go off and show what the other viewpoint character’s up to. After talking with another writer at the brunch today, I think I may need to bring them together sooner than I’d planned.

Hmm. I wonder what the other viewpoint character is up to?

Either way, I’ll worry about that tomorrow.

Oh, my new year’s resolution is to finish novel #2. This will be enforced by the same means I used for novel #1, which is: a new chapter for every crit group meeting or I have to buy everyone beer. This may have to be modified to “every crit group meeting I attend,” because I’m going to be out of town a lot.

I have other goals for the year, but just one formal resolution. I take my resolutions pretty seriously. (Even though I did tell someone at the brunch that my resolution is to give up sleeping.)