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1/17/07: Another snow day

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If I’d actually dragged myself out of bed at 6am when my alarm went off, I might have driven to work. As it was I didn’t even get vertical, never mind showered and dressed, until 7am, which is when I would have had to leave the house in order to have a chance of making my 8am meeting. Fortunately, it was a teleconference, so I phoned it in. Good thing too — the snow hasn’t yet melted, and almost everyone at work stayed home for at least half of today.

I spent most of the morning on various work-related things and the afternoon on writing. Not quite sure why I only got 500 words in a whole afternoon. I did go back and turn the Earthlings’ three ships into one, because the logistics of managing the three ships (each with its own captain, each with his/her own motivations, not to mention the question of when the aliens board one ship why don’t the other two just run for it) were starting to prove daunting and I didn’t really think it made the book any stronger.

A snippet:

“Brother James,” Gideon said, “tell anyone who’s working in the habitation section to get back to the main body of the ship right away. When they’re all inside, seal the airtight doors between sections. Sister Sarah, kill the ship’s rotation.” He paused, considering. “Is there anything else we ought to do?” He directed the question to the room in general.

“Pray,” said Keale.

“I assure you we will,” Gideon replied. His tone was serious.

For dinner, we made hash out of leftover pork, with potatoes and onions from the organic farm. Because we were both home all day we baked the potatoes, along with a lovely acorn squash, and it was all very good. So nice to prepare dinner when we aren’t rushed, tired, stupid, or stressed.

Going to bed now. I mean to go to work tomorrow, even if the snow is still there.