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5/1/07: Home safe

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Woke up at 5am in Phoenix yesterday morning, thanks to USAir stranding me on the way home from Palm Springs, but made it home in one piece and got to work by noon. The rest of yesterday was a bit of a sleep-deprived blur. Rather unfocused today as well, but did go to the coffee shop and wrote over 500 words in the company of Karen, Mary R, and Kate who came along to knit while we wrote.

On the plane I was reading Carnival by Elizabeth Bear and feeling rather inadequate. My stuff is so linear and straightforward by comparison, lacking both the stylistic pyrotechnics and the drop-the-reader-in-head-first headrush of the Bear. But Kate reminds me that my first (still unpublished) novel has an insanely complicated timeline, and although my style is rather vanilla some people do seem to like it.

Tomorrow we’ll be at John Scalzi’s reading at Powell’s in Beaverton; hope to see some of you there!