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5/29/07: Apart from that, Mrs. Lincoln…

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Just back from the IAGSDC convention in Denver. Flight was delayed so I arrived home about 1am today. Guh?

Kate had to leave the convention early to be with her father, who went to the hospital (and then got transferred to another hospital in Spokane) with an aortic aneurism. He spent 5 days in the cardiac ward and then was sent home because they had to order a part. No, really. Kate should be home tomorrow, probably will go back again for the surgery some time next week.

I had a great time at the convention itself. Good dancing, good food, good friends. Denver seems a very nice city, quite similar to Portland in some ways, and the convention location on the 16th Street pedestrian mall was excellent. Had a phenomenal dinner at Tamayo, and went back for lunch the next day. Honky Tonk Queen contest was surprisingly entertaining; 3 of the 4 contestants displayed actual talent! Fun Badge Tour had us dancing on the field at Broncos Stadium (professionally-maintained real-grass football field is a very nice dance surface!) and at the fabulous Red Rocks Auditorium. It was much more fun than I’d expected, knowing nothing about Denver.

After the FBT I went to the famed Casa Bonita with some square dance friends. At first I thought it was cheap and tacky, but after I came to accept it on its own terms I was charmed. Despite its gaudy extravagance it has a certain naive humility. It’s hard to describe, but it’s kind of like a cross between Pirates of the Caribbean (the ride) and Chuck E. Cheese, except with live entertainment. I mean, cliff divers! And a haunted cavern! What’s not to like?