12/12/07: Squander squander squander

Word count: 73926 | Since last entry: 618

I really feel like I wasted a lot of today. I spent the entire morning creating a planning calendar for our 2008 travel, which took entirely too long because Excel 2004 on the Mac doesn’t seem to be able to align text properly and has two different ideas about what a cell’s background pattern should look like, depending on whether or not the cell also has a colored background. I finally switched the file over to the trial edition of Numbers (haven’t yet decided whether to pony up the $80 for iWork), which handled the text spacing much better but has issues of its own with patterns and colors. This is, of course, far more work than the problem really deserves.

Then I went to lunch with some local writers. Unfortunately, due to an unfortunate excess of health-related problems in the area only two other people showed up. Nice to see them, anyway.

In the afternoon, I worked on synchronizing my email address books (Palm, Gmail, and Mac), which turned out to be a painfully manual process. Got halfway through before my brain rebelled.

Fixed hash for dinner, using potatoes from the farm and some lovely leftover pork loin, then watched an episode of Torchwood before finally setting down to write. And, as you see, got 600 words, which is respectable, but I really need to be doing more like 1000 words a day to finish two chapters (instead of my usual one) for the next crit group meeting. I need to do that at least twice between now and April to make my deadline.

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. (Bites radish.)

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