News Post for 02-26-2009

My story “Galactic Stress” has been published in Diamonds in the Sky, an online anthology that is free for everyone to read; I have an essay in SF Signal’s latest Mind Meld, on the topic “what books and writers have influenced you and what influences do you hope to have on future writers;” Space Magic has been reviewed in the April issue of Realms of Fantasy (“Levine is a multitalented author whose fertile, wide-ranging imagination is — as his title implies — equally at home in the fields of fantasy and science fiction”); my story “Firewall” has been translated into Chinese, in the magazine “SF King”; the February issue of Realms of Fantasy was reviewed in Locus, where Rich Horton called my story “Joy is the Serious Business of Heaven” “a nice humorous story;” and I received payment for my story “Fair Play” from Circlet Press and galleys of my story “Midnight at the Center Court” from Witch Way to the Mall.

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