Archive for February 26th, 2009

My story “Galactic Stress” has been published in Diamonds in the Sky, an online anthology that is free for everyone to read; I have an essay in SF Signal’s latest Mind Meld, on the topic “what books and writers have influenced you and what influences do you hope to have on future writers;” Space Magic has been reviewed in the April issue of Realms of Fantasy (“Levine is a multitalented author whose fertile, wide-ranging imagination is — as his title implies — equally at home in the fields of fantasy and science fiction”); my story “Firewall” has been translated into Chinese, in the magazine “SF King”; the February issue of Realms of Fantasy was reviewed in Locus, where Rich Horton called my story “Joy is the Serious Business of Heaven” “a nice humorous story;” and I received payment for my story “Fair Play” from Circlet Press and galleys of my story “Midnight at the Center Court” from Witch Way to the Mall.

Revised specs

Got new glasses yesterday. The prescription in the left eye is a lot stronger and I can’t see very well with that eye yet. I’ll give it a week.