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So I was plugging away on the end-of-the-world story, 500-600 words a day, when the editor of the anthology for which it’s being written posted a blog post reminding about the deadline (May 31) and that he expects a lot of stories to come in right at the deadline. And he’s already accepted several stories, so the competition’s getting tighter all the time.

Given this prod, I decided that getting the story in for the next critique group meeting, rather than the one three weeks after that, would be a Very Good Thing. So I put the pedal to the metal.

I wrote until late last night, then all this morning. I finished the first draft at 1:15 or so and sent it to the group for critique next week. Go me.

I finished just in time to rush off to the theatre for The Importance of Being Earnest, an excellent production. After which we had to hustle to get to writing friend Camille’s Book Swap and Cocktail Party, which was full of fun people and awesomeness. And books. We brought five boxes of books and came away with one… unfortunately, the boxes we brought were ones that Kate had brought back from her parents’ place, so we are actually net +1 box instead of -4.

In the middle of the awesomeness my phone rang. It was square dance friends Bo and Don, asking “aren’t we getting together for dinner tonight?” Turns out they had it on their calendar but we didn’t… not sure how that happened, but we decided not to spurn the opportunity for a nice dinner with friends, so we said hasty goodbyes and scurried off to Del Inti on Alberta for a fabulous Peruvian dinner and excellent mojitos.

After that we watched the Battlestar Galactica finale, which I found fairly satisfying though it had way too many endings and dragged a bit in the second half. I know that others had big problems with it… perhaps reading those (while avoiding spoilers) lowered my expectations to the degree that I could enjoy it.

That was my Saturday. Not too shabby.

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