Addendum: I rock

After dinner I fixed both of the space suit backpacks that came back from EVA with problems. One of them had a fuse that wasn’t making proper contact (just removing and replacing it fixed the problem) and the other had a spade lug that had worked loose from the battery.

Flush with that success, I looked at pack #4, which had been dead since before we arrived. With Paul and Laksen’s help I determined that the battery itself was not taking a charge. We replaced it with a similar battery we found in the cabinet and it seems to be good to go.

I didn’t mention in my earlier report that we had a problem after today’s second EVA where one person’s space suit zipper jammed really badly. Paul managed to get the occupant out, but only by tearing a couple of zipper teeth out. I used my science fiction convention costuming experience to get that zipper working better by rubbing a candle along its length.

Feeling very smug now. Probably I will get myself in big trouble trying to fix something tomorrow.

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