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David’s Index for 2012

Novel words written: 48,267
Short fiction words written: 20,646
Notes, outline, and synopsis words written: 11,071
Blog words written: 40,041
Total words written: 120,025

New stories written: 3

Short fiction submissions sent: 24
Responses received: 19
Rejections: 13
Acceptances: 5 (all pro)
Other responses: 1 (rewrite request)
Other sales: 10 (5 reprint, 3 audio, 2 translations)
Non-responses: 1 (gave up after 1036 days)
Awaiting response: 3

Short stories published: 13 (3 pro, 6 reprint, 2 translation, 2 audio)

Novel submissions: 2
Rejections: 1
Acceptances: 0
Awaiting response: 5

Agent submissions: 10
Rejections: 8
Acceptances: 0
Awaiting response: 3

Happy New Year!

Another sale to Galaktika

When Hungarian magazine Galaktika paid me for the two stories they’d published previously, they also said “I would like to purchase a third one in advance to restore your faith in our good will.” So here’s another Hungarian translation sale: “Nucleon.” And that’s my last sale for the year, I think.

Travel meme

Here’s a summary of the nights I spent away from home in 2012:

Guadalajara, Mexico (4)
Lake Quinault, WA (4)
Walnut Creek, CA (4)
Venice, Italy (5)
Bologna, Italy (2)
Vienna, Austria (5)
Znojmo, Czech Republic (1)
Jindřichův Hradec, Czech Republic (2)
České Budějovice, Czech Republic (2)
Prague, Czech Republic (5)
Dresden, Germany (2)
Berlin, Germany (6)
Madison, WI (7)
Vancouver, BC (7)
San Jose, CA (1)
Snoqualmie, WA (2)
Portland, OR (3)
Ashland, OR (4)
Chicago, IL (6)
Milwaukee, WI (2)
Denver, CO (4)
Chattanooga, TN (6)
Toronto, ON (5)

Plus 12 trips to Seattle to visit with Janna and other friends, for a total of 116 nights away from home.


I have received retroactive payment for the unauthorized Hungarian translations of my stories “Tk’Tk’Tk” (Galaktika 199, October 2006) and “Charlie the Purple Giraffe Was Acting Strangely” (Galaktika 262, January 2012).

Sale! (Retroactive.)

Back in August I learned that my story “Charlie the Purple Giraffe Was Acting Strangely” had been translated into Hungarian and published in Galaktika magazine without permission or payment. Furthermore, they had done the same back in 2006 with “Tk’Tk’Tk.” I tracked down an email address and sent them a note politely requesting payment and author copies.

Somewhat to my surprise, I received a rapid and apologetic response — “It seems my colleagues who should clear the rights slipped up big time” — and a request for wire transfer information for payment. Some of my writer friends thought this sounded like a phishing scam, but I contacted them in the first place, and I also know that in Eastern Europe they use wire transfers the way we use credit cards, so I sent them the information as requested.

Wonder of wonders, the payment came through earlier this month!

So now I have added two Hungarian translations to my roster of foreign sales.

Galaktika 199 Galaktika 262

I think our tree may have been abused as a sapling

I think we left it too late to get our tree this year. Our first choice tree lot was gone; the second choice was unattended and had a sign “any tree $10, put bills in slot;” the third had some decent-looking trees, but when we got ours home it started dropping needles like a butterfingered knitter. Since then it’s been sucking down water at a furious rate, a half-gallon a day or more. Thirstiest tree we’ve ever had, by far. But still, it’s up and decorated and looks lovely. Happy solstice, all!


Happy Apocalypse Day!

Woke up bright and early this morning and ran downstairs in eager anticipation… only to find myself in the basement because our bedroom is on the ground floor. Hope everyone is enjoying their first day of continued existence. Happy solstice, too!

Seeking ebook reviewers

Who are your favorite ebook reviewers for science fiction and fantasy? Someone who, perhaps, might be interested in reviewing a new ebook release of an award-winning SF/Fantasy short story collection that’s coming out early next year?

Why? Oh, no reason.