In the dark in Minneapolis

We are okay here in Minneapolis after the storm, though we have no power or hot water. There is power in some nearby buildings, and the hotel says power will be restored "soon," but we're not holding our breath. 

The storm hit last night while we were out for dinner at a fine local Indian restaurant. Wind, lightning, horizontal rain, then the lights flickered and went out. We hung out there until the rain slackened, then walked back to the hotel, becoming only lightly soaked.

Back at the con, the scheduled yarn swap and music circle continued in the dark. Texture in yarn is so important, don't you think? And singing songs in the dark, by the light of flashlights and cell phones, felt very right.

Weather forecast for our flights MSP-MKE tomorrow and MKE-MSP-PDX Wednesday is not encouraging, but we'll see.

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