Latest News 

I sold short story “horrorhouse” to DayBreak Magazine, a new online magazine dedicated to near-future, optimistic SF. It will appear on October 31. I also received payment for my Wild Cards story, though there may be one more round of editorial comments.

I received payment from Analog for my story “Teaching the Pig to Sing.” The story will probably appear in Spring or Summer of 2010. Also, a Hungarian Blogger said some nice things about “Titanium Mike.” Google Translate renders the last two sentences of this review as “Literary feat: just write a few, and only the best can really cause pleasure released. The story’s end as if to seize the smile in our faces, and this is no small achievement.” Indeed.

“Firewall” and “Sun Magic, Earth Magic” received Honorable Mentions from Gardner Dozois in his annual Year’s Best SF.