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1/1/04: Snow day

Word count: 48197 | Since last entry: 702 | This month: 702 My New Year’s Resolution this year is extremely short and simple: Finish The Novel. (Not my shortest resolution ever; that would be “Watch Casablanca“.) By “finish” I mean finishing the first draft, revising it once, preparing the submission package, and submitting it somewhere. I also would like to keep in touch with friends more. We usually go to two different parties on New Year’s Day, including Marc and Patty’s, at which Kate and I met 19 years(!) ago, but we stayed home today: a Snowstorm Of Unusual Size has paralyzed the city. So we read the paper, did dishes, and watched TV (including a couple of episodes from the Firefly DVD set I got Kate for Christmas). I also did my critique for Saturday. I would have felt awful if I’d stayed home all day and not gotten any writing done. Instead, I feel only slightly awful for writing less than a thousand words. However, I feel like the chapter (currently 3200 words) is going to be fairly short, so even though I’m pooping out now there’s still a chance I’ll finish up by Saturday. It may depend on the weather tomorrow. Most of today’s writing was about Clarity’s new suit. Despite what you may think, it’s a significant character moment for her. But I hope I’m not going overboard on it.