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1/3/04: Finished chapter 5!

Word count: 50267 | Since last entry: 2070 | This month: 2772 It’s now just after midnight Friday night (technically, it’s early Saturday morning) and, having spent the whole evening writing, I have finished chapter 5. A chapter in a week, woo hoo! Okay, it’s not the longest chapter I’ve written. But at 5300 words it isn’t the shortest either, and it does contain everything in the original outline, plus the additional items I mentioned on the 29th. And I think the quality is in the same ballpark as earlier chapters. I actually wrote about 2200 words tonight, since I started off by cutting a 150-word chunk (Clarity meets with the tailor) that wasn’t really needed. Clarity’s misery level is rising exponentially now, with a triple whammy at the end of the chapter: she’s made an enemy, the last desperate attempt at containing the plague has failed, and one of her few human allies has just been killed by persons unknown. I’m glad I’m not a fictional character. (I’m not, am I?) Tomorrow I print out the chapter and get it duplicated, and then take it to critique. (No beer for them this week, hah!) Next up: a story for the Gateways anthology, which I brainstormed on the StepMill at the gym today. Let’s see if I can do that and another chapter for the next crit group meeting. Sunday will be spent putting tales in the mail, including revising and mailing the Hell story. Might even get something in for the zeppelin antho, at this rate!