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1/19/04: A handful of snow

Word count: 50267 | Since last entry: 737 | This month: 8878 Didn’t get any writing done at Rustycon this weekend, but had a good time nonetheless. Con report will be posted soon in the usual places. Tonight I wrote the scene in which all hope is lost, but the main character finds an idea for a solution in a tiny handful of snow. Now she has to find a way to implement it. Great sacrifices will be required, but in the end a traditional square dance move saves the day. I know exactly how it needs to go, I just need to write it. The story is currently exactly 6006 words. I think I can finish it up in less than 1000 words, which I might be able to tighten back up to 6000 words with judicious editing and the slaying of a few darlings. Must finish it first. But for now… sleep.