3/14/04: Back from Seattle…

Word count: 65801 | Since last entry: 605 | This month: 8754 …where I did no writing whatsoever. But I am not going to let this
brief hiatus prevent me from writing every day for the rest of the month. Tonight I moved Jason behind a locked door and presented him with the object he had been seeking. I could write him out of the space as well, but I don’t think it’s necesssary. At about 2000 words I think the new Chapter Zero might be complete. I’ve gone back and added so much to it that I’m afraid it’s too densely packed with information… it’s much less of a “hook” than the old Prologue. On the other hand, it answers a lot of questions that people had about the first drafts of the early chapters. And it does end with a hook, and it does leave some questions unanswered. But there’s still some other stuff I’d like to put in, such as a brief note about Chris. I’ll sleep on it and maybe revise a bit tomorrow. After that I’ll need to substantially revise Chapter A to go with the new Chapter Zero. Chapters 1 and B might need a bit of revision as well. Then I need to complete the outline (which means fleshing out the whole second half of the book), edit it for length, and write a cover letter. Still plenty of work to do for an April 5 deadline.

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