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5/6/04: Kismet

Word count: 71222 | Since last entry: 933 | This month: 4600 Took the train to work today, and wrote the whole way both ways. On the way home, I arrived at 5599 words in the chapter, 1006 words for the day, the moment after the Big Revelation when Jason sits down hard and says “Jesus”, and my stop, all at the same time. Kismet. I resisted Fate at first, thinking that I still had to write at least a few paragraphs of anticlimax to get Jason out of the building. But it seemed such a good place to stop. And not only that, but when I checked my outline for the next chapter it starts with him still in the building. So what the hell — there it stands. Chapter done with two days to spare. Of course, once I deleted a paragraph of notes from the end of the chapter the word count went down to just under 1000. But I’m still giving myself a red star for the day, and a green star for finishing the chapter. We have theatre tickets tomorrow, so I might not write again until Saturday. But I really want to write every day this month, to make up for my appalling performance in April. Maybe just a little, to keep up the streak.