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5/19/04: Fits and starts

Word count: 72877 | Since last entry: 937 | This month: 6255 I haven’t been as much of a slug as my lack of posting here would indicate. I have written a time or two since the last entry, I just didn’t write enough each individual time to justify saying anything about it. I’ve got the first scene and a half of Chapter 7 done, in which Clarity and the other Taurans realize just what the epixenic is and how it can be prevented… but some of them are having trouble dealing with the consequences. I’m afraid I may be getting a little heavy-handed on the AIDS parallel; I might tone that down a bit later. Apart from the novel writing, I have been terribly busy — a major deadline at work this week, shopping for tile and granite for the kitchen, line edits on the zeppelin story. I did not make it into the finals for the Lupton contest; I got my package back with a generic encouraging note. But… I now have a complete novel package ready to go! In fact, on the same day I got the bad news from the Lupton contest I put the first 4 chapters and outline in the mail to one of the agents I talked with at the Nebulas. If it hadn’t been for the Lupton contest I probably wouldn’t have had the outline yet. Onward.