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5/25/04: Still plugging away

Word count: 73908 | Since last entry: 894 | This month: 7286 I’ve been snatching a half-hour here and an hour there in the last few days, between work (8am meetings every day this week, sigh) and various chores and errands. I managed to kill almost all of last Sunday trying to install a Wi-Fi access point on my home PC, and much of Monday evening undoing Sunday’s work just to get the system working again. Damn Windows anyway. I have ordered a new DSL modem/router with built-in wireless support, which should make it easier to complete the task. I’m less than half done with chapter 7, though I’m pleased with the chapter so far; I just dropped a pretty big rock on Clarity’s head. That’s not as much as I had hoped to accomplish by now, but I might finish the chapter before Wiscon anyway — if I actually write on the flight and don’t get distracted by the in-flight magazine or involved in a conversation with my neighbor. Wish me luck.