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7/8/04: Hi, remember me?

Word count: 78987 | Since last entry: 339 | This month: 339 I am ashamed. This is the first time I’ve written a thing in almost three weeks, and I only managed five paragraphs. I’m clearly not going to have a new chapter done for Saturday’s crit group meeting. Woe. What have I been doing instead? I had a reading and signing (with Jay Lake) at a local bookstore, which went well. I attended a friend’s wedding. I went to Phoenix for a square dance convention. I had relatives in town for a couple of days (my niece’s having surgery at a local hospital — which was postponed, so they went home but will return next week). I’ve gotten some reading done and seen some movies. Not much, really — I’ve kept up with the writing through busier times. Mostly I’ve just been feeling mopey — lacking the energy to start anything either at home or at work. This feeds on itself, of course: not accomplishing anything leads to a sense of futility, which makes it harder to accomplish anything. But they say it’s easier to “do” yourself into “feeling” better than it is to “feel” yourself into “doing” better. So thanks to Kate for encouraging me to write tonight — something is better than nothing — and I will try to write something tomorrow as well. Excelsior!