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7/11/04: Tightening the screws

Word count: 79593 | Since last entry: 606 | This month: 945 Still haven’t got Jason out of the UN — it’ll be another thousand words or so at this rate. The situation is sticky; it’ll be difficult to get him out in a plausible way. But this also means that the situation is fraught with dramatic tension, which is a good thing. Emotionally, too, Jason’s in a quagmire, but I hope to keep him so busy he hasn’t got time to cope with it. I got my critique comments on chapter 7 yesterday. Sara pointed out that there needs to be a big, specific reason in the Taurans’ history for them to do one of the things they do — an excellent point that I had not considered, and incidentally a possible hook for “making the aliens more alien” in the second draft. Even though she has threatened to beat me with a sack of oranges, I’m still so glad to have her comments.