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7/29/04: On the train again

Word count: 86365 | Since last entry: 2171 | This month: 7717 Took the train to work today, back home by way of a haircut, and dinner by myself, all of which contributed to today’s truly heroic wordcount. Wrote a couple of complete scenes: one showing Jason getting off from his shit job and learning of the effect of the plague on the human and Tauran populations, and the other showing Jason and Sienna playing with their new datappliances. I must confess I had entirely too much fun with the computer neep stuff (which is part of why this chapter is already almost the longest one yet), but my readers seem to like this sort of thing when it’s done right. I’m also skating on the edge of what I know about computer security; I’m sure most readers will find it perfectly convincing, but I really should get someone at work to look at it. I had hoped to finish the chapter today so I could print it off at work tomorrow. That didn’t happen. But there’s just one scene left (or two short ones); I might write it/them at work tomorrow, or maybe I’ll just print what I’ve got and do the rest Saturday morning. Either way I should have the chapter done in time for crit group. Whew. Oh, and I still have to vote for the Hugos.