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3/31/05: Bleah

Editing hours: 34.9 | Since last entry: 2.2 | Percent complete: 62% I’ve been sick for the last couple of days. Not too sick to go to work. Not too sick to lightly revise one of my Clarion stories (which has never been submitted, and it’s been five years choke gasp ack) and send it to the Wiscon writers’ workshop. But too sick to edit my novel. I’m still sick today (though improving). But Kate said as she went off to the opera tonight that I should try a little editing anyway, so as not to lose momentum completely. If it wasn’t working I could stop, but if I got into it… I got into it. Spent the evening working on chapter 7, focusing on amping up the emotion. Indeed, as my critiquers pointed out, it is quite flat. To that end I decided to move the scene in which Clarity makes a key realization about Jason toward the end of the chapter, which both puts it in a place that’s already more emotional and avoids the question of “why doesn’t she do something about it?” for the rest of the chapter. But moving that scene creates some continuity problems about who-knows-what-when that I have not yet completely resolved. I’ll have to tackle the same chapter some more next time. Maybe tomorrow. So NaNoEdMo ends with less than 50 editing hours. It’s still been a good, focused month of editing and a worthwhile exercise. I’m going to keep tracking the hours until I finish, just to have a gauge of progress.