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4/27/05: Watch this

Editing hours: 55.1 | Since last entry: 0.7 | Percent complete: 92% After two nights of rich dinners and fine conversations with my friend the Lioness and those who came out of the woodwork to visit her during the Portland stop on her Great North American Railroad Expotition, it’s back to the editing. Unfortunately, today was a real pisser at work — running non-stop from 8am until 6:30pm, with interruptions to the interruptions and a nasty commute home to round it all off — so I only had a little editing time tonight. Still, I was able to find a proper finish for Sienna’s father’s watch, which had become a significant symbol of Jason and Sienna’s relationship. I had never been happy with the way it just vanished at the end. The worst part of my work day was that a project I had thought was complete popped up again, like one of those movie villains that would not die. I really, really don’t have time for this, especially since if I touch it at all I’m sure it’ll turn into a complete tarbaby, so I was really stressed out during the meeting. After the meeting was over I got some “feedback” on my “attitude,” but I think I took that remarkably well under the circumstances. With any luck we’ll find a way to put this thing back to bed in fairly short order… but I’m not getting my hopes up.