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4/24/05: Home stretch

Editing hours: 54.4 | Since last entry: 4.6 | Percent complete: 92% Finished up the last Jason chapter this weekend, focusing on amping up the emotion in Jason and Clarity’s meeting (the first time they meet face to face, except in flashback, in the whole book) and when Jason convinces Sienna to hand over Raptor’s password. The latter changed from a simple financial transaction to a brutal 500-word scene in which Jason uses his education and imagination to bludgeon Sienna into doing the right thing. One Clarity chapter to go, and the epilogue. We’ll have a house guest this week so I might not get to them before the end of the month. But I’m so close to the end I can taste it. I see I just passed 50 editing hours, so NaNoEdMo is officially over — I guess this is March 55th. I think I have about 3-5 hours of editing work left, plus some time to revise the cover letter and synopsis. Also… this weekend we went to Portland’s first annual Wordstock Festival, a free event with readings and workshops and lots of book dealers and publishers. It was a treat, and I hope it was enough of a success that they’ll do it again next year.